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Select the MP3 Audio by clicking the "Select MP3" button, you will immediately get the base64 encoded string. Free, fast and very efficient way to encode the MP3 Audio in Base64.

Usage Of MP3 as Base64 String

Base64 encryption schemes are commonly used when binary data needs to be encrypted to be stored and transmitted on media designed to support ASCII. With MP3 to base64 conversion, you can use MP3 Audios directly on the Internet in text format or for any other purpose.

Most of the time, the icons are converted to base64 strings, so you can use them directly in HTML, or Js files.

Convert MP3 online to Base64 and use it as an Audio source directly in HTML, and more. The MP3 to Base64 converter is identical to Audio to Base64, except that it forces the MIME type to be "audio/mp3".

How To Use MP3 Encoder

  1. Import a MP3 Audio from a computer or mobile.
  2. Automatically, three textboxes will appear on the screen "HTML" and "Base64".
  3. Download string in a text file or directly copy to clipboard.

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