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Wrizo is an online notepad or rich text editor. you can edit plain text or create a new document, such as tasks, letters, articles, etc. Then you can download the text in image or PDF format.

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Guide To Use Wrizo Text Editor

Here Is a simple tutorial of how to use the Wrizo text editor and export plain text into a pdf or image file. Best, free, and online place for editing your writing or documents in multiple languages with pretty cool features of advanced text editing.

Edit Rich Text

Edit Rich Text with wrizo. just copy and paste the content and add a nice color to the content for a great look. After typing, you can export it to a file or post it on social platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

Support Multiple Fonts

Edit text in multiple fonts for a perfect look. The editor provides over 500 fonts for typing. you can also upload your own ttf file. For example: - Arial, Open sans, New Roamn, Ravi etc.

Edit Text In Multiple languges

Editing support Over 100 languages ​​such as Russian, French, Hindi, Arabic, etc. You can use the virtual keyboard or type directly from the US keyboard layout. will automatically convert English to any language you want.

Poem Editing With wrizo Poem Sample Design Editor

Edit Text Using Wrizo online

Wrizo is the best and free online text editor. which offers many features with an amazing user interface. You can add a canvas wallpaper and several colors on the canvas to make it fun to write and share text on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter with a single click. All written texts will be saved in your project if the user is signed in to wrizo.
You can edit the text as in the image on the left. With more creativity, your writing will be more colorful. You are just one step away from creating your own writing. Just click on the button below.

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