Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How To Compress A Gif?

Follow 5 Steps one by one given below:

  1. Open GIF Optimizer online web tool.
  2. Select a GIF file in the tool.
  3. Choose a compression type. You can also compress gifs manually by clicking on the advance option.
  4. Press the "Optimize GIF" button.
  5. Done! Download compressed GIF.

What is GIF Optimizer?

GIF Optimizer is an online tool created by Pi7 to compress and reduce the size of GIF files. This tool also provides options to scale a GIF file to any level. You can increase or decrease the width and height of the gif file.

How To Make A GIF With Smaller File Size?

A GIF file consists of several images, and the size of the GIF file depends on the colors and sizes of the images. You can reduce the GIF file size with the GIF optimizer tool created by PI7. Upload an image to this tool and resize and reduce the color to get smaller GIF files.

How To Compress a GIF To 256kb?

First, Try lossy compression to reduce the size of the gif file.

Second, Decrease the height and width of the gif file. If still GIF file is larger than 256kb then remove some frames and colors of the GIF file. You can use the GIF optimizer tool to compress a GIF to 256kb.

What Is An Animated Image?

An animated image or GIF file is made from a combination of simple images (JPEG, PNG, etc). Every image in a GIF is called a frame. In a gif, there can be multiple frames. Each frame load one by one after some time. With GIF optimizer you can remove duplicate or extra frames from the file.

In short, A GIF is a collection of frames that loop continuously.

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