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Tired of big images? Did the device stuck while opening an image? Then, you have one option resize the image pixel. An image is made up of thousands of pixels. Image size depends on the number of pixels and colors in that image. Reducing pixel size from file image size also decreases. But removing more pixels also degrades image quality.

Resize Image Dimension

Our online Tool, "Image Resizer" can resize the image pixel. Here, you can resize JPEG and PNG images. The tool also provides lossless compression to images. which will lead to lighter images, that will be easier to upload on any website, send by mail or share on any social platform.

How To resize an image without losing quality?

Here we will guide you to resizing the image while maintaining its quality. An image is a combination of pixels. Each pixel is a set of colors; more pixels usually make image representations better on large screens. Resize image pixels to display fewer colors in the image. In color imaging systems, color represents three or four component intensities, such as red, green, and blue, or cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.

when you resize an image, first check the screen resolution of the device if the screen resolution is 1080X1080 then you can resize your image under the dimension of 1080 width or height. We recommend that you change the width or height of the image according to your screen resolution.

Steps to change image width and height.

Follow the 5 steps below to change or modify any image width or height.

  1. Select one or more images in the box above.
  2. Enter a width or height in the input field.
  3. By default, the tool preserves the aspect ratio of the image, but you can also deselect the aspect ratio.
  4. If you want to compress the image, please check the box below.
  5. Completed! you can download an image with new dimensions.

The tool can resize image pixels. But if you want to reduce the image size to 100kb or 500kb then you can check the links given below. there you can convert image size in kb or any desired size.

Uploading Image

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