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Tip : Jpeg files are smaller than PNG.

Large image files become messy sometimes. let's reduce image size with the "Image Reducer" tool. When you share an image on social media or another platform then your request is denied because the image size is too large. Here, with this tool, you can resize the dimensions of the image according to your screen resolution.

The tool also provides additional image compression. You can choose a compression type according to your requirements. By default, the tool is set to "medium compression". Which provides the best image quality and less image size.

Image Reducer tool supports PNG and JPEG image types. You can reduce image size without a loss in the quality of the image. The tool resizes the image and keeps the aspect ratio based on your image.

Meet Our Requirements With Lossless Technique

So, Let's take a look at the work behind the concept of reducing image size. There are three methods to make your image files smaller.

  • By Image Compression.
  • By Resize Image Pixels.
  • By using modern image extensions.

we will analyze these three concepts one by one and understand how image files can be smaller in kb.

Reduce Image Size By Compression

Image compression is the process of removing unnecessary pixels from an image to reduce the image size. For example, By removing all blank pixels from a transparent image can help in less file size. Various techniques can reduce the size of an image without losing image quality. By reducing the file size, you can store more images on a disk or in memory. Also, the compressed image can be easily uploaded to social media or other websites. You can use "Pi7 Image Compressor" to compress your images.

Resize Image Pixels

The second way to get a smaller image is "Resize image pixel size". This method is useful when the image dimensions are very large. For example, the width of a picture is 8,000 pixels. Then you can resize an image size to 1000 pixels. We suggest you don't decrease height or width by more than 1000px. Because reducing more dimensions will lead to less quality of the picture.

Using modern image extensions

There are many types of image extensions. Converting your image to jpeg, or webp type can also help in reduce image size. Webp is most advance image extension which is used to display images on websites. Also image in this extension is much smaller than other images.

How to reduce the size of an image?

With the 4 following steps, you can change your image size in kb.

  1. Select the image file from your phone/computer.
  2. Using medium compression with the auto-resize function will reduce the size by 70%.
  3. Click on the "Compress Image" button and wait for the process.
  4. Finally, download images one by one.

Thank you, Hope Our "Image Reducer" tool will be helpful for reducing the size of your pictures.

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