What is Linux?

Linux OpenSource

Linux is the best known and most widely used open source operating system. As an operating system, Linux is software that resides on the computer, among all other software, receives requests from these programs and passes those requests to the hardware on the computer.

How does Linux differ from other operating systems?

In many ways, Linux is similar to other operating systems that you may have used before, such as: B. Windows, MacOS (formerly OS X), or iOS. Like other operating systems, Linux has a graphical user interface and the same type of software that you use; For example, word processor, image editor, video editor, etc. In many cases, software developers may have created a Linux version of the same program that you use on other systems. In short, if you can use a computer or other electronic device, you can use Linux.

 Linux also differs from other operating systems in several important ways. First, and perhaps most important, Linux is open source software. The code used to build Linux is free and available for the public to view, modify, and contribute to people with the appropriate skills.

Linux also differs in that, although the main components of the Linux operating system are common, there are many Linux distributions that have different software options. This means that Linux is incredibly customizable, because not only applications such as word processors and web browsers can be swapped. Linux users can also select basic components such as: B. which display system graphics and other user interface components.

Who uses Linux?

You probably already use Linux, whether you know it or not. Depending on the user survey you view, between one and two thirds of websites on the Internet generate Linux servers. 

Businesses and individuals choose Linux for their servers because it is secure and flexible, and besides, there are companies like Canonical, SUSE and Red Hat, each providing commercial support, you can get a lot of support from a large community. users. Huh.