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Sitemap Generator is a best tool that is used for generating XML sitemaps on windows or Linux. Generate an unlimited SEO-friendly XML sitemap for free with this tool.

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About Sitemap Tool

XML sitemaps are structured so that the user does not have to see them, but their purpose is to inform search engines about the pages that appear on the website. Sitemap Generator tool helps in crawl website in an effective way and create sitemap in a well-organized manner.

Easy To Create Sitemaps

Create XML Sitemaps with less effort. Download the Sitemap Generator Tool and paste the website link in the input box then click on the "Generate Sitemap" button.

User Friendly Tool

Features and functions of Pi7 software make it User-friendly. The design of the software is user-friendly and fulfills the user's specific needs.

Advance Customize

Sitemap Tool provides some advanced features like customize the number of requests and number of threads during the crawling of the website.

Seo Friendly Sitemaps

Things Like Number Of Urls In XML Sitemap, last modification date, priority, and change frequency make a sitemap SEO friendly which helps in improve Search Engine Optimization.


Sitemap Generator provides a feature to crawl only sub-folders or subdomains of a website and create a sitemap of the only subfolders.

Unlimited Sitemaps

Generate Unlimited Sitemaps with this tool without any restriction, free of cost, and in a fast and reliable way.

Free Tool

Software is free to use generates unlimited sitemaps with this tool. Available for Windows and Linux platforms free of cost.

Detect Broken Links

Sitemap Generator provides a feature to detect broken links in a website and get the output of broken links in a text file.

Cross platform

Software is available for Windows (EXE File 17.5Mb - 18.9Mb ) and Linux (Binary File 12.5Mb - 13.9Mb ) platforms.

What is sitemap?

A Sitemap is a file that contains all the pages of a website and how they relate to each other.

Sitemaps can be lists of pages, media files, or files on your site. Your website can have a sitemap for your pages, a sitemap for blog posts, or site map for pictures and so on.

With Sitemaps, you can quickly find all the pages of your site in one place and they are usually stored in XML or HTML format.

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How To Use XML Sitemap Generator (3 Steps)

  1. Download Pi7 Sitemap Generator and Open in windows or Linux.
  2. Enter the website URL in the first input box and a maximum number of URLs in the second input box.
  3. Click on the "Generate Sitemap" Button. After That Submit sitemap to Google Search Console.
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