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Compress PDFs up to 500 KB with PI7 Organization's free online PDF compression tool. We make the PDF Compressor user interface as simple as possible so that anyone can compress a PDF file to 500 kb or the desired size with a single click.

Note: We will do our best to compress the PDF file to 500 kb. Otherwise, you need to resize the PDF manually. To get the desired size.

Guide to compressing PDF files up to 500 KB

  1. First, select or drop the PDF file from the box above.
  2. You can add 2 PDF files at a time to compress up to 500 KB.
  3. Add PDF files or delete them from the box and press the "Compress PDF" button.
  4. Finally, after uploading and compressing the PDF, download the compressed PDF.

Useful Links For PDF Compression

Here is the list of links to compress pdf to manual size as mentioned below.